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Independent Illustrator & Designer

At Lincoln Collective, we believe in the philosophy of measuring twice and cutting once. We invest heavily in planning and preparation so that we execute flawlessly, and produce work of the highest quality.

We fall somewhere between an art collective, independent web/graphic designer and illustrator. Our services are geared towards working with startups, small businesses and artists. We specialise in not specialising, with a diverse portfolio of work, brought together by a shared objective.

Illustration // Graphic Design // Web Design

Featured Projects

Fine Art Illustration

Fine Art Illustration

Instagram Hustle

Shweet Products

E-commerce Website

Shweet Products

Corporate Design Business Cards

Corporate Design

Shravya Consulting

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Demon Medusa

Our Services

We offer a number of creative services including web design (a bit of development aswell), graphic design and illustrations. Our main focus is offering bespoke websites and rad illustration. We also sell stock images, illustrations, prints and various digital assets on our online store.

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Graphic Design
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Web Design

Illustration // Graphic Design // Web Design

Design & Development Blog

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