The Brief

This project involved working on a full corporate design and packaging for a trendy hand sanitiser brand based in the UK. The company had an innovative idea of creating a range of scented hand sanitisers to meet the demand for hand hygiene products in the market.

As a designer, I was tasked with the responsibility of creating a unique logo and other visual elements for the brand that would not only be appealing to the target audience but also make it stand out from its competitors.


Package, Web Design, Graphic Design




Logo Design

The logo needed to translate to all mediums that it would be used, the main being the packaging. The brief for the logo was that it should be a simple monotone graphic with the brand name being easy to read. The client envisioned a logo which embodied a water droplet, so this is the logo design that I came up with.

PEPON Sprits Product Shot

Packaging Design

I approached the design with a very minimalist design in mind. The bottle design was created in a way that would allow for each variation of the product to be showcased. We decided to go with white bottles and white packaging to allow each colour variation of the product to stand out.


General Design

In addition to the logo design, I worked on various other design elements such as product packaging, labels, and a Shopify holding page. The challenge was to ensure that the design of these elements remained consistent with the brand identity while also being eye-catching and easy to understand for potential customers.

The process involved multiple stages, from brainstorming ideas to sketching designs to refining the final concept. I collaborated with the client to ensure that the brand vision and objectives were fully captured in the design. The result was a visually striking brand identity that reflected the company’s values, culture, and unique selling proposition.

Overall, it was an exciting project that allowed me to demonstrate my creativity and design skills. I am proud to have played a significant role in bringing the brand to life, and I am confident that the design elements I created will help the company achieve its goals in the competitive hand sanitiser market.

Other Works

Shopify Development

UI & Web Development