The Brief

I was tasked with the full corporate design & packaging of a trendy hand sanitiser brand based in the UK. The company’s idea was to create an exciting range of scented hand sanitisers. I was required to create the logo and various other elements for the brand, including a Shopify holding page.


Package, Web Design, Graphic Design




Logo Design

The logo needed to translate to all mediums that it would be used, the main being the packaging. The brief for the logo was that it should be a simple monotone graphic with the brand name being easy to read. The client envisioned a logo which embodied a water droplet, so this is the logo design that I came up with.


Packaging Design

I approached the design with a very minimalist design in mind. The bottle design was created in a way that would allow for each variation of the product to be showcased. We decided to go with white bottles and white packaging to allow each colour variation of the product to stand out.