YST Website Mockup

You. Smart. Thing.


The Brief

I was tasked with the design & development of a modern website, for You. Smart. Thing. (YST). ‘You. Smart. Thing.’ is a travel assistant, that can be tailored to enable organisations to offer a content-enhanced way of finding low-carbon travel plans that nudge visitors towards net-zero travel.

The goal of the project was to refresh the old website and add more content. At the time of the build, the old website was outdated and in need of serious updates.




International (UK)


Web Design & WordPress Development
(Built at Pull The Pin Agency)



YST Website Mockup
YST Website Mockup
YST Website Mockup


I approached the design with two requirements; it must be cutting edge, and it must stand out from the competition so we started the process by experimenting with unique layouts, finding new and interesting ways to display their content whilst bringing their brand assets to life, digitally.

New brand elements were introduced to make the site modern and avoid the site looking like a template build. This was done by adding curves to the images, smaller graphics for list items and custom icons.

YST Website Mockup


The website was originally a WordPress-based site and the client wanted to keep it on the same platform. The website was built using a theme as a framework, in order to keep to client budgets.

WordPress is an open-source framework that allows the team to build a fast-loading and up-to-date site with an easy-to-use content management system (CMS).

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