Scav Tab Shopify Development

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The Brief

**Design by Nova+

The client envisioned a distinctive Shopify build that embodied both elegance and functionality, catering specifically to their unique business model. Behold, the result:, a dynamic online hub offering exclusive access to London’s vibrant bar and events scene through a specialized card.

In response to the client’s vision, I meticulously crafted a digital space that not only exudes a sleek and modern design but also seamlessly integrates the interactive features essential for a platform linking patrons to London’s hottest tabs and events. isn’t your typical retail site; it’s the gateway to a curated experience in the heart of London’s social life. The website showcases the unique card that opens doors to exclusive tabs and specials at bars and events, giving users a taste of the city’s nightlife in a convenient, digital format.




Web Development / Shopify Development


Scav Tab Shopify Development
Scav Tab Shopify Development
Scav Tab Shopify Development
Scav Tab Shopify Development


Navigating the site is a breeze, offering users an intuitive journey to explore available tabs, understand the perks, and conveniently purchase their access card. The website is optimized for responsiveness, ensuring a consistent and engaging experience across various devices, whether users are planning their night out on a desktop or impulsively checking specials on their smartphones.

The Shopify build goes beyond aesthetics, focusing on the seamless functionality required for a service intricately tied to London’s dynamic social landscape. From secure online transactions to a user-friendly interface, every aspect is fine-tuned to enhance the customer experience.

Collaborating closely with the client allowed a deep understanding of their brand and objectives, ensuring that isn’t just a website; it’s a digital concierge connecting Londoners to the best tabs and events the city has to offer. The completion of this project marks the beginning of an exciting journey, where the digital realm meets the energetic pulse of London’s nightlife.

Scav Tab Shopify Development

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