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Changing Instagram handle effects

By November 11, 2022March 11th, 2023No Comments

Changing your Instagram handle (also known as username) may have a temporary negative effect on your reach, but it is unlikely to have a long-term impact if done correctly. Here are a few factors to consider:

  1. User Recognition: If your followers are used to seeing your old username in their feed, it may take them some time to get used to your new handle. It’s possible that they may not immediately recognize your new username and could accidentally skip over your posts or stories.
  2. SEO and Discovery: If you have used your old username in hashtags, comments, or linked to other websites, changing your handle can impact your search engine optimization (SEO) and discoverability. However, if you update those links and tags to reflect your new handle, this should not have a long-term impact on your reach.
  3. Rebranding: If you are changing your handle as part of a rebranding effort, it’s essential to communicate the change to your followers to minimize any confusion. You can do this by announcing the change on your Instagram profile, other social media channels, and any other online platforms where you have a presence.
  4. Follow for Follow: If you have participated in follow-for-follow threads or have a high number of fake or inactive followers, changing your handle may have a negative effect on your reach. These followers are unlikely to recognize your new username and may unfollow you.

In conclusion, changing your Instagram handle may have a temporary negative effect on your reach, but it is unlikely to have a long-term impact if you communicate the change to your followers, update your links and tags, and stay consistent with your content. If you are rebranding or changing your username for a valid reason, it is worth the effort to make the change and move forward with a fresh and relevant username.

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