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Ad Policies that will get your ad blacklisted in Chrome

By April 2, 2018February 1st, 2024No Comments
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Ad Policies that will get your ad blacklisted in Chrome

Chrome has introduced an ad blocker, that blocks ads by default. It was about time that this happened as most the Chrome users have an ad blocker installed and most of them were motivated to install an ad blocker by annoying or intrusive ads. This is a list of ad policies that will get blocked by Chrome.

Pop-up Ads

Pop-up adverts are the most annoying adverts, and often require a user’s action to close. The adverts often have the close button disguised and the user ends up on the company’s page. Pop-up adverts that require action to be activated are also banned with the new chrome ad blocker.

Autoplay Video Ads with Sound

These are the worst adverts that can ruin your day or just annoy the people around you. It is often used to play financial advice or get-rich schemes. It must be noted that quick-to-play is still acceptable.

Large Sticky Ads

Sticky ads are often displayed at the bottom of the page and require a lot of user effort to dismiss and often get in the way of browsing the website.

Prestitial Ads

You’ll never find a design principle that would encourage this type of UI block. You are basically adding a layer of distrust between you and the user. We are on your website for content.

Large Sticky Ads

On mobile, Sticky ads are horrendous and should be avoided. Often the close only when the user pushes the small close button on the screen.

Ads with a Density higher than 30% of Mobile Screen

Adverts that cover more than 30% of the screen, will be blacklisted on chrome. This being said this also means that fullscreen scroll-over adverts will also be blacklisted on chrome.

How exactly will the google ad block work?

Google will evaluate the sites and check if they fit with the above standards. If the site doesn’t comply, they will be notified via API. If the advert is not taken down after 30 days, all the adverts will be blocked. That means that if you have one or two non-compliant adverts, all of your site’s adverts.

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