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Web design Trends for 2018

By March 7, 2018May 20th, 2023No Comments
Web design trend 2018

Web design Trends for 2018

This blog post is about predicted trends in web design for 2018. 2017 saw many advancements, including mobile usage, finally overtaking desktop browsing. This means 2018 is going to have to fully utilise mobile functionality in ways we’ve never seen before while desktops must continue to evolve to stay relevant. With all that in mind, let’s take a look at some notable web design trends coming poised to take over in 2018.


Micro interaction originates from mobile apps and has been slowly moving on to the web. These work like animated responses to user behaviours. Such as somebody clicking a button or hovering to animate a drop-down. A good example of this being used on a website can be viewed here, and a screenshot is shown below.

Web design Trends

More Support for Widescreen

Everybody is focusing on the responsive web design trend but this does not only focus on tablets and mobile. There is a drive towards widescreen support, which means websites are responsive to screens wider than 1440px in width. So basically the website will fill the whole screen and not just have a lot of blank space on the sides. One of the most notable websites that supports this dribble.

Asymmetry and brutalism inspired free-form

Recently with a rise of such design expressions as brutalism and bolder visual fragments, it became useful. There are a few great examples of asymmetry in web design, but all of them intentionally disrupt otherwise static design, and direct user attention point-to-point much more effectively.

Web Design Trend brutualism

Custom Illustration and animations

One of the first notable companies to adopt illustrations on their website was Dropbox and this is a drive toward the trend of using custom illustrations for websites. The use of illustration is setting a tone for a brand and also adds to the playfulness of its content. A good example of this is Dropbox with its new redesign.

Web design Trends

Creating more space with split page design

Dividing a page into two parts allows you to group content into semantic areas. This means less scrolling for users and is a more interesting approach as the viewer gets to see twice the amount of content on the screen at the same time with the UI/UX of the website being disrupted. A good example of this is the website.

Web Design Trend Split screen

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