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Setting Up a Freelance Business

By December 30, 2019May 20th, 2023No Comments

Setting up a freelance business is not a simple process and there is a lot to think about before making the jump. Becoming a freelance might not be the right choice for you. If you have outweighed the pros/cons and still want to make the jump, we have put together some pointers that will help.

Organize your Life

Make sure you organize your life, get your priorities straight and put some effort into starting your freelance career. Don’t push your family aside and remember it will only be temporary changes until you go full-time.

Do not Quit your Job

So quitting your job will be a really stupid move, to say the least, you are going to have to build your freelance business in your spare time. Now you might be wondering how you will know when the right time comes to quit your job. That answer is really simple, once you start earning enough money off your freelancing to support your family and pay your bills.

Get Advice

Have you thought about your job move from being employed to freelancing logically? You haven’t because you are way too excited to get started than anything else. There are some important factors you are going to have to measure up and get advice on before making any moves.

There are tons of information on the internet for you to research and remember Google is your friend, but there are just some things that you are going to have to sort out in person. Make sure you are covered and your family is too when you finally make the transition.

Getting started with Freelancing

When creating your portfolio, make sure you showcase your best work. Yes, you can showcase all of your work if they are really great, but I would recommend only showing your best.

Establish a Brand Name

There are quite a few guys out there that use their own name for branding and have made a success out of it, something that does help though is if you have a short name. Remember you want to get noticed as a designer or writer and therefore you want to take part in the industry. Believe me, it isn’t that easy to find a name that you would like to work under, but putting the effort into finding one is more than worth it.

Find yourself a name to work under as a freelancer, either bring your own or a unique brand name and keep it simple and fresh. Remember less is more.

Design your Brand’s Identity

Do a lot of research when developing your brand face. Choose your colours off the bat and then start working on your identity from there on. Remember this is a trademark by which you will be known, if people were to come across it on the streets they must be able to relate back to you. Take your time.

Build your Portfolio Site

Build your own portfolio site to represent your business and your work. Making sure it is attractive and easy to navigate. Remember to come across as professional and only display your best work.

Find your first Clients

Make sure you have everything in order, Branding, Portfolio etc. Go all out to obtain new clients, this is the future you are working on.

Invoicing your Clients

Now that you have set out to obtain new clients, you will be doing some work very soon. This means that you will be needing to invoice your client for the money that they owe you. In freelancing, you have to keep track of your money and your expenses

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