Flick Lighting Brochure Cover

Flick Lighting


The Brief

I was entrusted with the design of a brochure for Flick Lighting, with the main objective of showcasing their past projects. The brochure was intended to be a template built in Indesign, allowing the client to easily add future projects. As a result, the design needed to be intentionally limited to accommodate future additions by the client while still effectively highlighting Flick Lighting’s previous work.


International (UK)


Graphic Design
(Designed at Pull The Pin Agency)

Flick Lighting Brochure
Flick Lighting Brochure


The design of this brochure had to follow the current brand. There was a lack of graphic elements, so we had to introduce new elements to the brand. The new elements included the angled shapes and imagery, which will follow through on various other brand assets in the near future.

Flick Lighting Brochure
Flick Lighting Brochure

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