Panache Website Design

Panache Watches


The Brief

Panache Watches is a luxury watch trader based in the UK. Panache allows clients to sell luxury watches in a few simple steps, by simply filling out a form.

The brief was to create a new site, that would include a quoting function for the sale of watches. The system needed to be simple and allow the client to get all the information needed to create a precise quote.




International (UK)


Web Design, UX/UI


Panache Website Design
Panache Website Design
Panache Website Design
Panache Website Design


The brand had very limited assets so I had to create all elements of the site and come up with a website that was impactful. In order to drive the user to sell their watch, the site was designed to show as much information as possible above the fold in a visual way.

Panache Website Design


** The web development was done by Pull the Pin.

Before the design phase began, the client & the PTP team agreed that we would move forward with Next.js. This would allow us to design with fewer limits and add more animation.

Next.js is an open-source framework that allows the team to build a fast-loading and up-to-date site with an easy-to-use content management system (CMS).

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