Idex Website design

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The Brief

The objective was to develop a website that would host the existing salary guides in a digital format, offering users the option to download specific sections of the guides as needed. The guides were categorized into three sectors to align with different company elements.

It was crucial for the website to adhere to the new brand guidelines of the recruitment agency. As the first website built for these new guides, we had the creative freedom to make design choices for the web interface, while ensuring consistency with the main website and other digital elements, avoiding any contradictions.




Web Design, UX/UI


Idex Website design
Idex Website design
Idex Website design


When approaching the design of the website, two key requirements were at the forefront: it needed to be cutting-edge and stand out from the competition. To achieve this, we embarked on an innovative process of experimenting with unique layouts and exploring new ways to bring the brand assets to life in a digital format.

The overarching idea behind the website was to create an engaging digital experience that conveys the information from the print guides in a captivating way, while also capturing user information and granting access to the desired content. We carefully considered the user experience, aiming to strike a balance between capturing user information and providing seamless access to the content they sought.

As a result, we implemented a design that required users to sign up before accessing the content, but once signed up, they would not need to sign in again or create a new account for subsequent visits. This approach ensures that users can easily access the content they need while also providing the client with valuable user information for further engagement and marketing efforts.

The design of the website is cutting-edge, with unique layouts and innovative ways of displaying content that sets it apart from the competition. The user experience is carefully considered, providing a seamless balance between capturing user information and granting access to content. Overall, the website is a standout digital experience that brings the brand assets to life in a dynamic and engaging format.

Idex Website design

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