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Is Shopify the right eCommerce Platform?

By July 8, 2019October 20th, 2022No Comments
Shopify eCommerce

We build eCommerce websites and have been doing so for a couple of years now, we understand the cost of a complete custom website is not realistic for everybody. Looking at all the eCommerce platforms on the market, and Shopify is one of the best options. We have identified some of the major advantages of choosing a Shopify site.

Shopify SEO comes standard

Once your site is up and ruining, making sure it ranks on search engines is the priority. Shopify provides SEO features to help you do that. These features include editable META content, URLs and Alt tags. If you have a website already set up and need help with your SEO, drop us a mail.

Shopify Sites are Customisable

At Lincoln Collective, we design your Shopify site from scratch and make sure the website fits the brand. We are not limited by the standard templates. We can find other templates and/or modify an existing theme to better suit your brand.

More Affordable

Shopify sites are affordable and can work with a smaller budget. The site comes with standard eCommerce functionality ready to go. This cuts down development time without compromising on the outcome. The upkeep required on Shopify is much lower than that of other competitors.

Product Management

Shopify has a full commerce solution and can integrate with Points of Sale. You will find managing products in Shopify is easy and you’ll have full control to add new products, change prices and add new stock.

Shorter Development time

Shopify is quicker and easier to work with than other platforms such as Magento. As such, you’ll find the lead times for delivering a Shopify site can be shorter than for a fully custom site.

Web Hosting and Payment Gateway

There is no need to set up hosting and Shopify also handles your payment gateway. You can also add other payment gateways such as PayFast and Stripe etc. This simple process can allow you to have more time to sell products.

Great Built-in Tools

Want to expand your site and add a blog or up-sell products? That won’t be a problem with Shopify. You can blog, cross-sell and up-sell on a standard Shopify Set Up. If your focus is going to be blogging, we suggest WordPress. You can read up about WordPress here.

Shopify Support

When you have a question or are having trouble with something, getting the information you need or any problems. Shopify customer support is excellent; providing you with support over the phone, email and live chat.

Cross-channel selling

Shopify has made it very easy to sell across different channels and platforms, in particular via Facebook using the Shopify Facebook App. In addition, they also offer capabilities to sell on other platforms, like Twitter and Pinterest.

If you want a Shopify eCommerce site built, you can drop me a mail. You can also browse through my web design portfolio here.

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