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Internet Explorer Support

By October 13, 2022No Comments

We usually get asked why we don’t support Internet Explorer and the main reason behind this is that only 1.8% of internet users are IE users and it is very unsafe to use.

Internet Explorer is unsafe to use!

I warn all of our clients against using IE as it puts your data- and potentially all of your customer’s data at risk. This is not me being elitist or trendy, nor are we anti-Microsoft.

Here are some reasons, why you should stop using Internet explorer.

  1. It’s no longer supported by Microsoft
  2. It’s no longer secure (see the previous fact)
  3. Only 1.8% of the world uses it (as of May 2020)
  4. The US government has repeatedly warned businesses to stop using it
  5. Not a single security expert on earth will recommend it
  6. Microsoft admits Chrome is safer and is making Chrome extensions!
  7. Even Edge, IE’s successor, is suffering from security exploits
  8. Many developers and agencies are recommending a 20% upcharge on any client using IE (or a 20% discount for switching to a different browser).
  9. Development time increases by 1/3—just to add code so IE can display the site properly
  10. It requires older javascript (ES5) to be compiled, adding significant load time (~30%) to the site which in turn costs you return visitors.

Your data is too important. Here are newer, safer browsers to consider:

  1. Chrome
  2. Safari
  3. Tor
  4. Opera
  5. Comodo
  6. Brave (highly recommended for security and privacy)

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