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Illustration // Graphic Design

Some illustration work that was done for Poison City Brewing packaging. Each of these illustrations is linked to the type of beer it is created for. The illustration style is edgy, to fit the brand image as Poison City Brewing is born from the city of Durban.

Poison City Brewing is Durban born and bred. Its creators Graeme and Andre live, surf and dream Durban.

And together they’ve made an exceptional craft beer – beer made for people who give a damn about what they drink, beer that never compromises on taste or quality, beer that lives where edge meets class, and beer that plays tribute to the soul of Durban.

Not the clichéd Sunshine City/Zulu Kingdom PR bullshit, but the real Durban – the Durban that makes its own rules, expresses its own unique personality, and never ever prostitutes itself to conformity.

Two Poison City Beers
The Beer

The Bird

Like Durban, The Bird is easy as sun, surf and seagulls, with a twist of screw you. This light, refined lager is named after one of its makers, and after the way it gives commercial lager the finger when it comes to colour, flavour and taste.

The Beer

The Other Bird

A full-mouthed yet easy drinking Czech dark lager brewed by award winning Prague master brewer, Ladislav Vesely.

The Other Bird, our premium Czech dark lager, isn’t all sea and sunshine. It quite happily flips the bird at those who don’t appreciate honesty, authenticity, quality and a path less travelled.

Punk Rocker Beer
The Beer

The Punk Rocker

Poison City Brewing’s second craft beer, The Punk Rocker is an English Pale Ale that plays tribute to the nonconformist spirit of punk rock. Anti-establishment, yeah, we Durbanites totally get that. And while we beat the poms to BREXIT and kicked them out of our province a long time ago, we’ll keep the inspiration for their ale, and their punk music legacy, and make it Durban born and bred.

The Beer

The Kiff

In Poison City we think accents are kiff. And since we’re not pretentious snobs, our beer comes in different accents too. Like our fruitier, slightly spicy Belgian Wit that speaks to drinkers who’ve had enough of hops. Now that’s super kiff.

The Kiff beer