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The Negative Effects of Redirect By IP Location

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Negative Effects of Redirect By IP Location

The Negative Effects of Redirect By IP Location

Redirecting by IP location can cause many problems, one of the main is that Bots will automatically get redirected to the US version of your site so this will be the only version that indexes on google. So the best option here would be not to have an auto-redirect as it does effect bots but it also results in a negative user experience.


If using geolocation on your site is a must, there are some guidelines that should be followed.

  • You should always ask the user permission to use there location but not as the page loads. Asking the user on the homepage results in a poor user experience.
  • You should always request to access the location on a user gesture. Give the user a clear call to action or an indication that an operation will require access to their location. The user can then more easily associate the system prompt for access with the action just initiated.
  • There should always be a fall back if the user does not give permission to access location, for example there should be an international page.

The best option is to get rid of dynamic auto detection and redirection setting and let the people select the language/country that they would like to see. This way the search engine bots will be able to crawl and index all the languages/country pages too.

However, if you want to keep the detection and the redirection in place, you need to set it to treat the search engine bots differently from humans. Set it so that when it determines that a requester is a search engine, exempt it from any redirection, and give it a page it wants.

Do not switch the content on the pages to give different information to the search engine. If you do, it could become a cloaking method. All you want to do is to let a search engine see the page it requested without redirecting it to the specific language or country page.

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