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Is WordPress the right CMS to use?

By January 16, 2019 May 4th, 2019 No Comments
Wordpres Website

The WordPress CMS

WordPress is a brilliant Content Management System(CMS), that allows people to build a blog, standard websites and even e-commerce stores, but is it the right CMS for you. In this blog post, we go through a few of the pros and cons of this CMS.

The biggest and most widely known positive to using WordPress is that you don’t have to have a dedicated team of programmers to do basic updates to the website. Also, the basic elements of WordPress, are completely free and it doesn’t cost to install WordPress on your server. This is a very big thing for commerce platforms and online shops. There are still various limitations to WordPress but most of these can be overcome by using 3rd party plugins.

Pro: Easy Content Updates

Basic tasks are easy to do with WordPress as it is a Content Management system, it is much easier to update with new content and images once the theme has been developed. There is a sizable amount of WordPress developer so if you need something developed or maintenance it would be easy to find.

Pro: SEO integration

There is a wide variety of SEO plugins for WordPress which makes it easier to keep the SEO up to date. But this being said SEO is still a massive challenge and often you will need the help of SEO experts in order to do well.

Pro: Security Plugins

There is a collection of very good security plugins for WordPress. Many of these provide Web Application Firewalls which monitor all inbound requests and blocks malicious requests before they can do harm.

Con: difficulties with the visual design

With WordPress, there is no universal drag and drop system like that of Wix. Everything needs to be hand coded to a certain extent. This is where it can become impractical for smaller companies to develop themselves.

Con/Pro: Open Source

There is many advantages to open source software, are here is also a few pitfalls. One of them is that WordPress is licensed under a GNU General Public License v2.0, this basically means that the code your create will be licensed under the same license.

WordPress being open source has a big positive as there is a large developer community, which constantly helping improve and revised plugins and various other aspects of WordPress. This leads to the next positive of using WordPress and that is:

Constant Updates

There are many updates to the various plugins, themes and the CMS itself. This means that the website you create won’t become null and void, with time. Your site will be able to stay up to date with new versions of the CMS and improvements to the coding languages. Most of these updates are simply to do.

Con: Custom Layouts are tricky

Custom layouts and themes can be tricky to come and make a website that is truly custom and doesn’t look like every other WordPress site. Working with experienced responsive website designers and developers is the best way to make sure your site fits all of your business’ needs. Of course, once you have your custom site set up, it’s possible to edit content and create new pages and posts with little to no previous experience.

Con: Constant Need to update.

WordPress needs constant updates to combat pirates and hacker, and patches are getting released often. You will want to make sure you have the proper skills to make these updates yourself or that you work with a web development company to ensure your site software is always up to date.

Con: Pagespeed

The speed of WordPress, this is an issue as there is a lot of themes that contain a lot of generic code that slows down the wordpress site. This can be a major problem for first-time users and people who don’t much about coding and the workings of WordPress.

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