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The Importance of Good hosting

By February 12, 2018 March 12th, 2018 No Comments

Importance of Good Hosting

In this article, I will briefly go over the importance of good hosting and the effects it can have on business. Hosting is often overlooked but it is very important as it can have a huge effect on sales, traffic, and SEO. As a business, it is important to maximize your profits and bad hosting can be very damaging to those profits. Below is a list of what can happen when bad hosting is used:

Slow loading Speeds

A good web hosting is a big player in the page speeds of a website, bad web hosting will usually have poor quality hardware or limited resources which will have a negative effect on the loading speed of the website. A slow loading website would end up with potential clients looking elsewhere for the same products and/or services.


This is an important factor in choosing a good host because at some point you will need support from your web host. This is where problems come in with the cheaper hosts, with cheaper hosts the tech support would seem like an afterthought and not be staffed 24/7.

Negative effect on SEO

If your website is down repeatedly this will have a negative effect on your seo as search engines will not be able to visit your website. Besides the downtime of the website, if your hosting is slow, it is believed that this will have a negative effect on the SEO of the website.

Security and Malware Attacks

When hosting with an unreliable host, your website is a higher risk of malware attacks and is more likely to have security issues. This can result in many problems such as the theft of sensitive information and loss of files, just to name a few. A good host should handle critical security updates on your CMS, besides proactively blocking unpatched vulnerabilities to prevent the site from being hacked.